Bedtime Habits to Lose Weight


Which is the best place to lose weight?

Gym – where you can train yourself rigorously? Kitchen – where you can have all those nutritional foods saved? Tracks – where you can go running, cycling and other trucking activities?

Well, what if we say that you can lose all the fat at your favorite place, doing the one thing that you love to do? Yes! You can lose weight while you are sleeping happily in your bed.

Don’t be surprised. You might not be aware but every being loses some amount of calories while we are asleep. However, you can be the one losing more than the average humans if you would just keep a few things in check. Check out the list of must-do things that you should be doing before heading to your bed so that your sweet sleeping time can also become your fat shedding hours.

  1. Give Your Snooze its Due

Realize how major a role your sleep plays in optimizing and regulating all the functions that your body has to perform throughout the day, including the use and storage of caloric energy. The hormones that are at play here are gherlin and leptin. Gherlin is responsible for stimulating your hunger and initiating the need for eating something, while leptin keeps your appetite low by regulating the energy levels. The more sleep you would have, lesser will be your gherlin and more will be your leptin level and this would aid you in keeping your appetite in check throughout the day.

  1. Trip The Sleep Switch

Do not count the sheep to have a good night sleep, eat lamb instead! (or better, go for some turkey.) Tryptophan is an amino acid that can be found in most meats is believed to demonstrate powerful sleep-inducing effects. A study among insomniacs was conducted and it was found that just ¼ gram of meat is sufficient to increase the deep sleep hours (and you can find it in three ounce of lean turkey meat or a skinless chicken drumstick). This would ultimately lead to easy slim-down as researchers have found that dieters consume 6% less calories when they had enough sleep.

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  1. Observe Strict Kitchen Hours

Even if you are eating more during the day, closing your kitchen early at time (a.k.a. ditching that midnight munching) may help you more in shedding the extra fat cells from your body. A study has proved that even though you would consume the same amount of calories throughout the day and night as much as you would consume just during the day time, it is more likely that the people who eat during night times also are obese while those who observe night fasts are able to keep their weight in check. Have an early breakfast if you want to but avoid snacking at night.

  1. Shake Things Up

According to a study by Florida State University, having a protein shake before you go to the bed can be really helpful in boosting up your metabolism. It was observed by the researchers that people who had healthy snack during the evening hours such as 30 grams of casein protein or whey experienced a higher resting metabolism rate the next morning as compared to those who ate nothing. Remember! Protein is more thermogenic in nature as compared to fat or carbs. This implies that your body will burn more of the fats which digesting it.

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  1. Lower the Temperature

Freezing body fat using the slim freezer belt is one thing but working on the same principle is the theory that by turning down the heat level in your room while sleeping will help your body in attacking the fat cells. Colder the temperature, the more will be increase the effectiveness of the brown fat cells which are stored inside the body as the fat would work to keep you warm by burning down all those cells which are present in your belly. And yes! You should focus on increasing your brown fat cells by freezing the fat cells as they aid in losing the weight.

  1. Make a Mint

You might not realize it but fragrances and scents actually play a major role in your moods and appetite. While there are certain scents that can make you feel hungry and your mouth water, there are some scents which can actually help in suppressing your appetite. For instance, it was found in a study by the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine that the people who had a habit of sniffing peppermint every two hours were able to lose 5 pounds on an average within a month. In fact, vanilla, banana and green apple had the same effect.

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  1. Slim Belly Belt

You can freeze the fat and it is a real, scientifically-approved technique that has been in practice since years. However, it is only recently that the fat freezing treatment has become popular among the common people. So, if you feel that just exercising and following diet is not helping you much, get yourself a slim freezer belt and freeze your fat away. It is an extremely safe and effective method – you just have to wear the belt at the affected area for one hour every day before heading off to the bed and the results would be evident within a few weeks.

You have to agree when we say that there cannot be a better method of losing weight than make it happen while sleeping comfortably in your bed. And all the practices mentioned above are actually really simple to follow. You just need to make a few changes in your night time routine and ensure that you are successfully freezing fat cells each day (err, night) and you would be able to achieve your body shape and weight goals within a few weeks.

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We are not asking you to get all wind up at night or sweat yourself out before going to the bed, just make sure that you are prepared enough to have a sleep that would burn the fat cells and you will be happily sleeping your fat away!

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