How to Lose Hips Fat?

How to Lose Hips Fat

In the dream land, you will have the option to gain or shed weight. However, it is not that easy in real life because your body stores the fat cells in different parts so that it can use the fat to extract the energy. And it’s not just your hips, but the body takes energy from the entire body but your hips and belly are two parts where it stores more weight because it can consume that fat with more ease.

But, do not worry. With a few tweaks in your exercise and diet plan, you can feasibly shrink those love handles. We are going to discuss about some of the weight loss endeavours that would help you to achieve the long term body goals, instead of providing you with mere some quick fixes.

  1. Quit Spot Training

There are scientific evidences to support the theory that spot training is not useful in eliminating the fat in targeted area. Thus, many personal trainers do not endorse spot training at all. Many of you are not aware of the fact but body fat actually works on the principle of “first in, last out”. The first place you gain fat (which is generally your hips and belly) is the last one from where you would lose the fat. Though it is best that you perform those workouts which focus on the entire body fat, the exercises targeting the abdominal area can be quite helpful.

  1. Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning (Metcon) is the ultimate way in which you can train both smart and hard. This method of training with help you in building a lean body while ensuring that your metabolism is roaring throughout the day (even at the times when you are not working out). It implies that you will be burning calories even when you are munching your protein diet or watching TV. The perfect example of Metcon training circuit consist of burpees, jumping lunges, rows and jump squats for 30 seconds each at a high intensity. Take a break of 30 seconds between each circuit till you have repeated it at least 5 times.

  1. Avoid “Diet” Foods

Be cautious of the foods which come with the labels of ‘sugar free’ or ‘low fat’. These foods are generally highly processed or they consist of the substitutes which are low in nutritional value. Instead, go for the fibre rich and nutrient dense foods like hummus, carrots, raw almonds or apple slices dipped in some raw honey. Munching on these snacks will keep you satiated in between your meals which providing you energy to go throughout the day without feeling the need to eat anything unhealthy. You can also consider boiling or steaming the vegetables in order to extract more nutrient from them.

  1. Make Caffeine Your Best Friend

While caffeine has its own pros and cons and its consumption has always been questionable at various instances, it is a great beverage to get the energy which will help you to go through those rigorous training sessions in gym. Though it is recommended that you do not have your cup of coffee first thing in the morning, it will provide you the energy to handle all those calorie-torching and fat burning moves if you will just have a cup 10 minutes before you go to perform your exercises. But remember that you are consuming the caffeine from green tea and coffee only as that does more good than energy drinks.

  1. Consistency is the Secret

Remember that bad weight did not come to your overnight. Thus, it would take the time to drop off also. To lose fat, it is really important that you create an exercise and healthy eating routine for yourself which you are able to adhere regularly without being forced. Remember the body goals that you have set for yourself as that is going to be your major inspiration while you are following the routine. It is recommended that you adhere to an 80/20 routine (80 percent of healthy eating and 20 percent for your taste buds).

  1. Drink More Water

Most of the times when you think that you are feeling hungry is actually your metabolism messing up with your brain to give the wrong signals. There is a higher probability that you are actually dehydrated. Keep a check on your water intake especially if your sodium consumption is high as that could be one of the reasons keeping you dehydrated. You can even include foods like cucumber and watermelon in your diet as they can be good source of providing water to your body without increasing unwanted fat. So, next time you feel hungry drink some water before you rush to grab snacks as that might satisfy your ‘hunger’ and helps you in reducing your body fat.

  1. Freeze and Slim Belt

The fat freezing method is one the safest and most effective techniques to help you lose the extra fat from the body (especially hips, thighs and belly). So, get your slim and freeze belt today. It is always recommended to go for the cool sculpting treatment instead of going for the surgical options as this method does not involve any needles, knives or bloodshed, hence you will be losing the extra fat without affecting your routine activities even a bit.

Some Additional Tips to lose fat…

  • Make sure that you are getting a good night sleep every day.
  • Do not miss your breakfast. Ensure that you are grabbing a healthy breakfast every morning.
  • Never go on dieting or starve yourself. It would have the opposite effect and your body will begin to accumulate more fat in order to gain energy to perform regular tasks.
  • Dry brushing regularly will help in toning up the problem areas and reducing all those fat deposits.
  • Take 1-2 glasses of fresh grapefruit juice every day as that would help in speeding up the fat burning process.

Keep up your routine. Eat right, exercise regularly and use the fat freezing belt and you would be nearing your weight loss goals with each passing day!

2 thoughts on “How to Lose Hips Fat?

  1. From point 7 above “So, get your slim and freeze belt today and make sure that you are using it every day for one hour at the affected area to get the desirable results.”
    But in the product guide it was mentioned that we must wait for atleast 4 weeks to treat same area.

    Which statement is true

    1. Hi Rocs,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Apologise. It was a writing mistake. Product guide statement is true.

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