Lose Fat – 7 Days Weight Lose Walking Plan

7 Days Weight Lose Walking Plan

Fat free body, slimming down and having a well-toned figure is the dream of all, but how would you achieve that? It’s not so easy after all and we are aware of it. Because not getting the desired results even after trying every recommended diet and following each instruction given by your gym instructor exposes how strident challenging it is for you to reduce the weight once gained.

So, how to lose belly fat? There must be some solution to get the perfect figure like all the sliming products that gyms claim to be achievable. After all, there are many people who lose fat and get rid of belly fat successfully. We see the celebrities transforming from being having a visible stomach to getting in shape within month, as if it was never there. It’s not like they have some magic wand that would get them the desired results.

There are many ways to lose belly fat but not all works for everybody. The task is to figure out that which method your hormones respond to and act upon, leading to the positive effects of your efforts. It could be gym workout for some and playing a particular sport for others. In fact, some people even seem to lose fat and shed all those pounds by just adopting a diet plan.

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However, there is one thing that seem to work for everybody (along with everything else or on its own) – Walking!

That’s right, a study by London School of Economics states that the people who tend to walk briskly for just half hour each day have smaller waistlines, lesser body fat and lower body mass index against even the ones who go to the gym regularly.

Now, those of you who walk regularly and still not seem to get the results must be wondering that why is it not working fine for you. Well, the key here is to keep switching your walking routine every day. Yes! You need to have a new walking routine and pace for every day of the week and that will not only make the it interesting for you but would also help you to burn up to 20% more calories than what you would lose with a steady pace, as published in a study conducted by Biology Letters.

To help you with it and ensure that you have fun while you are torching up all those extra calories, we have a 7-Day Walking plan to lose extra fat for you.

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7-Days walking plan to lose extra fat

Monday – Kick Start Your Week Strongly: Have you ever noticed that how the gym and parks are mostly packed with people exercising on the first day of the week? It’s because those who are really passionate about losing the weight knows that beginning the week with a solid workout is going to motivate them throughout the week. It is indeed a powerful habit. So before you have your scrumptious dinner, try going around for a 3-mile walk.

Tuesday – Try the Power of “Small Dose” for Your Body: There is power in the cumulating workout projects. Trust us! Even if you work out in the portion of 10 minutes each at different times of the day, they all add up to show the results. How about going for just 10 minutes of quick walk after the lunch and some strength-training in the evening while you are watching your favorite TV channel. Remember! Even if you don’t have an hour at a stretch to work out, it does not mean that you would not exercise at all. The mini workouts are also going to be really helpful in achieving the goals only if you would do them regularly.

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Wednesday – The Midweek Metabolism Boost: Go for the HIIT workouts as they are best to boost up your metabolism. Walk on a normal pace for 5 minutes, followed by 100 steps of fast walking (you do not have to run, just walk as fast as you can and count the steps in your head). Repeat this cycle for 5 times and you would realize that you are sweating, which is really good to get the results.

Thursday – Mini Walks: Relax yourself a bit and just go for a 10 minute of walk after the lunch. This would give your body the time to recover while also letting you stick to your plan of regular exercising.

Friday – Strength Training: Get a complete body routine done with few sets of strength training for each of your body parts. For upper body, you can try pushups, triceps extensions and bicep curls. While for the lower body, you can do squats and it would sculpt and tone your legs and back-end muscles completely.

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Saturday – The Burn Day: This is the one day where you should plan for a 60 minute of walking, at whatever pace you are comfortable with. However, just add some short bursts of 10 fast steps in every 10 minutes and it would really help you in losing extra fat.

Sunday – Your Day to Rest: It’s a day for you to restore but if you are dedicated at not missing the routine for even a single day then go for a walk with your loved ones after the dinner. There is no need to count the miles or steps for this one day. Just go for a soothing walk and talk session.

Give this schedule a try and don’t wait till Monday to begin. Start with it today and continue till you have completely an entire week, just recycle (read repeat) the plan four times and you’ve got yourself a month of walking routine.  And we are pretty sure that you won’t get bored at any point of the week or month.

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Besides, you have the slim freezer belt to help you shed those pounds. Just put on the belt for one hour regularly and you will be able to freeze your fat away in just few months. And do not worry! The fat freezing treatment is completely safe and impactful. Order your slim belly belt, use it while you are on your walking routine and double up the speed of losing the fat.

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