What Does Freezing Fat Cells Does to Your Body?

What Does Freezing Fat Cells Does to Your Body

Having the extra body fat (or love handles, as many of you call them) could really do a lot to not just your body shape but also your confidence.

Post pregnancy effects, busy lifestyle, desk job, or just your love for food – there could be many reasons that might have resulted in your body being all fatty but it always leaves us wondering ‘if only it was as easy to lose it as simple it is to gain?’

Well, the regular exercising and following a strict diet are the two most obvious solutions that almost everybody would have told you about and that you might have been following since a long time. In fact, some of you might have been even reached that frustration stage by now where you feel that none of your efforts and sacrifices are doing any good or yielding the desired results for you.

Many a times, it even happens that we don’t lose as much weight during those 6 days of rigorously working out and controlling the temptations as much we seem to gain in that just one ‘cheat dieting’ day.

We understand your struggle because majority of us have been through it at one point of the life and not being able to fit in our favorite pair of jeans or not being able to wear the dress we have been reserving for prom or Christmas party could be really heartbreaking. In many of the cases, it even affects our confidence of public speaking or to interact with new people. So, what solution are you left with in such conditions?

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Go for surgery to get the fat removed? Well, that is one of the options but the last one that you should consider in extreme conditions. Cutting and blood shedding does not only cause pain but it can also leave behind the marks on your body, and you would certainly not like that too.

We want to achieve your weight goals without feeling any pain, sacrificing much or risking the immaculateness of your body. Losing the fat would only come with the happiness that you expect if it does not harm you in any other way and this is why we are recommending you to freeze your fat instead of burning it!

Yes! You can reach the desired body weight and shape through the completely painless and safe fat freezing treatment. And you know that there is no need for you to doubt about a procedure when it is FDA approved.

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The Fat Freezing Procedure
Controlled cooling is used to eliminate the stubborn fat cells present underneath your skin, without affecting the surrounding cells or your skin. The fat cells that are treated gets frozen (crystalized) and ultimately die. And the best thing about freezing fat cells is that you would not be required to go through any surgery. In fact, you do not even need to visit the doctor unless you really want to consult one as you can use the belt at home and there is no technique or training required for you to learn to operate the slim freezer.

However, remember that the time for the results to be evident with the use of slim freezer belt might vary in each individual so you can use it for the repeated sessions in case you want to lose more fat.

Transform the Body
You can target the areas from where you want to lose the fat with the freeze and slim treatment as you can choose which area you want to wear the belt on and shed the fat from. You can also treat multiple areas in one session. All you have to do is wear the slim belly belt for one hour on each of the affecting areas every day for a session of 4-5 weeks before you will start witnessing the results.

Outlet for Dead Fat Cells
If you are wondering that where would your fat cells go once they die after getting freeze since there is no cutting of skin involved here. Do not worry, there are not going to remain in your body or accumulate at any other area. They will disperse out of your body gradually through the natural excretion process.

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This is probably the best thing about freezing your fat – there is no downtime at all. You can get back to your routine activities without having the need to rest after the treatment. In fact, nobody would even know that you are undergoing a fat losing treatment unless you would tell them yourself. It is that natural of a process.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Reduction
Weight loss and fat reduction are two completely different scenarios. When you lose weight, the fat cells present in your body remain the same in number. They just shrink for some time and expand again when stimulated to bring back your body weight.

However, when we freeze the fat, it reduces the number of fat cells present inside your body and eliminate them out of it, thus reducing the probability to gain back the weight as there are no cells present inside to expand anymore.

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Freezing Fat Cells – FAQs

Will Slim Freezer Suit You?
The slim freezer belt has been designed for those people who have stubborn fat cells present in some areas of the body, which simply do not respond to any kind of exercising or dieting. So, if you are also facing such issue then getting rid of the body weight by freezing the cells is a perfectly recommended method for you.

How Much Will It Cost?
Well, it’s definitely less that what you would have to spend if you go for a surgery (and that will be painful too). You can get your own slim freezer belt delivered at your home in merely $ 12999. And the best part is that you can use it to get multiple sessions without having to pay anything extra.

What Happens After You Lose Weight?
You would not be required to take any pills or supplements to maintain your newly achieved weight, not you will be asked to bring any change in your diet and exercise routine. You can just continue following your regular diet and workout routine.

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Gaining weight painlessly by freezing fat cells is no miracle but a scientifically tested and approved procedure. Try it yourself to experience the results.

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