What Happens If I Gain Fat Again?

What happens if I gain Fat again

Fat freezing is a method of removing the fat cells from the body that has helped many people till now to achieve their body weight goals. However, it is hard to control all those good food temptations especially when you have been following a strict diet plan since weeks and months to reach at that satisfying phase.

Now, many of you might wonder that what will happen if you gain the weight again after reducing it with the use of slim freezer belt. Would it undo all the positive effects that came in your body with the fat freezing treatment? Well, it depends majorly on the cause of the increased weight rather than the weight gain itself.

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss

Usually everybody has the tendency to focus on reducing the body weight and achieving the perfect number of scales. Well, that is a wrong approach. Your focus should be on reducing the fat and not weight. In fact, most of the times the people who would otherwise not look fat could weigh more than those with bulky bodies. It is because bones generally have more weight than the fat itself.

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Thus, when you would freeze fat away, it would not affect your weight much. In fact, it would reduction of fat cells would result in the change of your body shape. This would cause:

  • Fat cells to die and get eliminated from the body through the natural excretion process.
  • The size of the area where you would apply the freeze and slim belt to shrink by 20-40%.
  • Clothes with smaller size to start fitting much better.

And since the fat freezing treatment works more with the rhythm of one’s body, you would be witnessing the results within the first 3 months of you beginning to use the belt.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

If you would gain weight during the pregnancy even though you have been using the slim freezer belt, then it would be considered as a natural process.

And if you are planning to reduce the weight after the child birth, then it is recommended that you wait till your body’s weight stabilizes before you begin with the process of freezing body fat for more effective and long lasting results.

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What Can I Do to Ensure that I Do Not Gain Weight after Fat Freezing Treatment?

There are some cases in which the people have faced the issue of fat returning to the specific areas that were completely treated with the slim freezer belt. Well, of course you have the option to use the belt again and weight for another few months to get back to that perfect shape. But wouldn’t it be more amazing if you can just prevent the fat from growing in your body again?

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We have some of the recommendations for you to ensure that you do not land up in such situation:

  • Maintain a diet that is healthy and consist of all the necessary nutrients. It’s fine to cheat some days but ensure that you are following the plan on an average.
  • Exercise at least 3 times in a week for 30 minutes at once. Whether you join a gym or go for a walk down the alley, your body should be involved in some physical activity.
  • Use other measure than the weight machine to track your progress. Record the inches of your body areas or evaluate by the size of clothes.

If you are following the plan, then you can happily and easily go back to the fat freezing treatment if you would happen to gain a bit too at any stage.

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